Let's have an #AjnaMoment

Let's have an #AjnaMoment

Posted by Kristin on Apr 17th 2018

I don’t get enough “Ajna Moments” lately. With the whirlwind of opening a new store in Tiburon, adding new product lines to our business, and raising our 9 month old daughter, I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to slow down and be present. My days are spent juggling business and motherhood, alternating between marketing meetings and snack-time, product planning and the playground, growing my team and playing with my growing daughter.

What is an “Ajna Moment,” you ask? It’s our concept of slowing down, being present, and savoring the moment. It’s more than the physical act of taking a pause, it’s also taking a mental break. It’s recognizing and appreciating the exact thing you are doing, at that very point in time.

An Ajna Moment is taking a deep breath of the fresh air outside, breathing in the scent of the freshly cut grass and spring flowers. It’s playing with your dogs in your backyard, feeling the weight of the ball in your hand as you toss it for a game of fetch. It’s savoring that sip of sauvignon blanc, fresh and crisp in your mouth, as you sit down at the end of the day and enjoy the evening air with family on your deck. It’s connecting with the people and environment that is right in front of you, right where you are. It’s laughing with friends, just being you.

Lately, my days have been filled with the activity of growing a business, which is fulfilling and rewarding in of itself. However, I realize I work so hard so I can pause and take the time to have an Ajna Moment. So I can invite our neighbors over for dinner and enjoy the spring weather. So I can talk to my daughter without thinking about my to-do list. I balance my hard work with allowing myself these life luxuries: slowing down, being present in the moment, and appreciating the world around me.                                   


Some people might call it “slow living.” Lately I’ve heard people reference this concept when talking about “self-care,” At Ajna Living, we call it an Ajna Moment, because our idea of living a fulfilling life is reflected in the products we sell, the way we interact with our customers, and the lifestyle that comes along with outdoor living.

For me, an Ajna Moment is a total reboot, a breath of fresh air. I appreciate everything so much more: my steadfast husband, my beautiful daughter, our three crazy dogs, living in San Francisco, and building a community around my business. I’ve been intentional this week about incorporating as many Ajna Moments as possible, and my days have felt so much fuller and satisfying.

So, what’s your #AjnaMoment? Use the hashtag on Instagram and let me know.