5 Outdoor Easter Brunch Tips

5 Outdoor Easter Brunch Tips

Posted by Jeremy on Apr 7th 2019

Spring is upon us, and Easter is almost here. Gone are the winter morning breakfasts spent in full darkness, the dual, lukewarm Egg McMuffins our only respite from the cold. It’s finally time for outdoor dining, for friends, for a little too much Rose. Here are five great tips to make your spring-kickoff Outdoor Easter Brunch a success:

1. Plan for sudden changes in weather

Everyone knows the old saying “April showers bring May flowers” but did you know that for eight straight years my award winning asparagus frittata was ruined by an Easter downpour? It’s true. April can be a fickle month - if you’re dining outside make sure you’ve got umbrellas, a back-up plan or a direct line to the local meteorologist.  

2. Make it a pot luck

It’s hard enough to put on a brunch when you’re hosting, setting the table, making sure the floors are mopped, the kids are dressed, and your husband’s golf clubs are hidden, so don’t put extra stress on yourself by making all the food. Make it a potluck and see if Kevin down the street really can make “the world’s best kale salad.”

3. Invite those nosy neighbors

It’s spring, which means it’s time for rebirth, for reinvigoration and for burying the hatchet with the Wilson’s next door, who cut down that beautiful oak tree that was barely hanging onto their property. Offer an olive branch, invite them over and find out first hand if they really are that unbearable.

4. Make sure you’ve got great seating

I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you to make sure to have somewhere GREAT for your guests to sit. Whether they’re lounging or enjoying the plentiful food (which you didn’t even have to prepare, since you followed Step #2), The New Standard - 7 Piece Patio Sectional is the perfect, versatile choice for gatherings large and small. It’s time to put away those folding chairs and get something legit. You can see it right here: The New Standard - Sunbrella® 7 Piece Patio Sectional

5. Don’t skimp on the booze

It’s spring, which means it’s time for outdoor dining, and that means it’s time for outdoor drinking. No one was stopping you from going outside with the bottle of Rose in mid-December but now at least it’s enjoyable. Looking to add a twist to a boozy brunch? Try this great Smokey Margarita recipe from our friends at Hella Cocktail Co.