5 of The Best Places to See Fall Colors

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere the leaves change color, then you get to enjoy one of the best parts about the season. The trees show off their ability to transform themselves from green giants into fiery spectacles. If you happen to have a lot of these trees on your property, you’ll get to enjoy a close up view of the changing colors. We’ve assembled a list of 5 of the top places to see leaves changing color, which means a road trip may be in order. 

  1. Pennsylvania. They’re not called Penn’s Woods for no reason; Pennsylvania has one of the highest concentration of deciduous trees in the country, which makes it an ideal spot to go in the fall to see the spectacular colors. The colors generally hit their most vibrant peak around mid-October, and then gradually decrease from then. Some of the best spots to go are Evansburg State Park, French Creek State Park, and Tyler State Park.

2. Maine. Given how remote from any major cities most of Maine is, there are expanses of forests that come alive in the fall. Pair this with picturesque lakes and quaint cabins, and you’ve got the perfect setting for a cozy weekend away.


3. The Rocky Mountains. This region pairs majestic mountains with pine trees that may transform into beacons of light in the fall sun. From Colorado to Montana, New Mexico to Wyoming, you can’t go wrong in the Rockies during fall. 

4. The Pacific Northwest. This area has an incredible mix of deciduous and evergreen trees, set along side the mighty Pacific Ocean. If you’re lucky enough to cruise up the coast during fall, you’ll enjoy spectacular scenery and breathtaking vistas. If you are in Seattle, Washington Park Arboretum is especially beautiful and convenient. Hoyt Arboretum in Portland is another really great option.


5. The South. With its endless forests and state parks to explore, the South provides abundant opportunities to experience fall colors. One advantage is that if you’re hiking, you likely won’t have to work up too much of a sweat to enjoy the scenery since most mountains are under 5,000 ft in elevation. Especially beautiful is Cloudland Canyon State Park in Georgia, along with Jackson County, North Carolina.


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  • Velma G. Ridgel

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such Beauty all around the World. Thank you for the suggestions. I want to travel ALL the National Parks. I have heard that there is a Life Time Park Pass for Seniors I’m ( 73 ) would so like to know where I can receive one at a nominal fee. Thank you.

  • Linda Humphries

    Those are pretty amazing photos you put up!

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