5 Ways to Spend Time with The Family Outdoors This Week



Staying at home for extended periods of time, especially with all the kids being home, can be stressful. While we all love our family time, lately we have gotten loads of it. When you start running out of creative ways to keep the kids entertained, things can get tiring. That's why we have rounded up 5 family-friendly activities to keep everyone happy during these interesting times!





1. Take family dinner outside one night. Maybe you already own your favorite outdoor dining set, or maybe you've been in search of the right one. If that is the case then we have you covered, shop dining sets here. If you already have yours set up, take your family sit-down dinner to the back porch! Whether you do it once a week or every other night, the fresh air and change of dining settings can be refreshing for everybody! 


2. Family game night marathon. Playing games can become repetitive and boring but spice it up by creating a board game tournament series or marathon out of it! Let your kids each pick a game and an opponent and game your way through the family and see who makes it to the top first!




3. Backyard movie night! This is a classic idea and usually reserved for those perfect summer nights but no better way to celebrate the start of spring than creating a backyard movie night now! Pull blankets and pillows outside, set up the TV or projector and sheet if you have one - but don't forget the snacks! 


4. Make-your-own pasta night! Making homemade pasta is regarded as one of the most popular do-it-yourself cooking activities. Involve the kids and everybody grabs an apron! This would also be the perfect opportunity to lay down a tablecloth and use that large teak dining table you have on the porch - things are sure to get messy with the amount of flour involved! Our favorite homemade pasta recipe is super simple too.

You'll need:

-3 large eggs, beaten

-2 cups AP flour

-1 TBS olive oil

-1 TSP kosher salt

Mix eggs, flour, oil, and salt in a bowl with your hands until a shaggy dough forms. Knead until dough is smooth and elastic, about 10 minutes. Cover the dough with plastic wrap and let rest at least 30 minutes. Cut and roll as desired.

Let the creativity flow and infuse seasonings and add different textures and shapes to your pasta design!

5. Put up a hummingbird feeder. Purchase one from Amazon or make it a fun DIY project to pass the afternoon by. Mix water and sugar for the nectar and hang it on your porch. Sit nearby and watch the fascinating little guys come and go!


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