Best Patio Plants by Region

We are excited that winter is on its final leg and spring is just around the corner. No matter the region you live in, there are fantastic plants to fill your garden. The Ajna team has put together a list of plants for your garden inspiration, as we begin to move towards the warmer months!





  1. Rain Lily: These plants thrive in full sunlight and will come to life the first harsh sunlight of the year. Throughout the summer, it is best to provide your Rain Lily with a little shade for the afternoon. The Rain Lily is hassle-free and will make a great impression on your space.
  2. Orange Coneflower: Light up your garden and drive birds, bees, and butterflies to your space. The Orange Coneflower is a hub for many insects and birds. Make sure you have enough space for the plants because the Organe Coneflower gets between 2-4 feet tall. They are easy to keep flourished and require minimal effort.
  3. Woodland Phlox: This is the perfect spring addition to your garden. The colors range from all shades of blue and white and will bring a vibrant touch to your space. These flowers thrive in damp soil in the shaded part of your garden. You can even plant them in one of your favorite planters.


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    1. Lavender: Make your garden smell delightful, while adding a beautiful touch of purple. Lavender is easy to grow and handle with little maintenance. The plant does well in a container pot with good drainage. The plant prefers dry soil and sunlight. 
    2. Orange Tree: Add some home-grown citrus to your garden and plant an orange tree. The orange tree does well in warm sub-tropical climates such as Florida. Orange trees are easily maintained with proper watering and fertilization. 
    3. Pentas:  Pentas need lots of sunlight and will grow in any soil type. These plants will be perfect in the sunniest part of your garden. Pentas are perfect for the summer weather and will do their best after the last frost as passed.





      1. Wild Anemone: Plant Wild Anemone in your favorite pot that drains well. This is the perfect plant to bring to your garden in early spring. It can withstand the cooler temperatures and prefers a slightly shady spot. 
      2. Carolina Lupine: The Carolina Lupine needs lots of sunlight but minimal attention. Provide moderate and even watering when first planted. The Carolina Lupine can withstand drought and lives its fullest life in the summer months. 
      3. Merrybells: Merrybells grow well in moist and shady soil. They can be planted a few days after the last frost. They are easy to maintain and are a vibrant yellow plant to have in your outdoor space.   


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        1. Daylilies: Daylilies do best in sunny spots where the soil drains well. If planted correctly, you can expect your Daylilies to live for years with very minimal care. If you decide to plant Daylilies, plan to care for them for around five years. 
        2. Hosta: Add a touch of greenery to your outdoor space with Hostas. They are easy to plant and require no expertise. They do best in shady areas throughout your yard where they see minimal sunlight. Hostas grow large and are a great long-lasting plant to add to your outdoor space. 
        3. Yarrow: Yarrow is an easy, low-maintenance plant that can be found both in gardens and the wild. It thrives in the sunlight and prefers hot and dry conditions. The plant can grow up to 36 inches tall and produces white flowers.


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        Mountain West

        1. Prickly Pear: Prickly pears grow well in dry climates and minimal humidity. While these plants can be a commitment because they live for up to eight years, nevertheless they are a beautiful addition to your space. 
        2. Indian Paintbrush: These seeds may take longer to germinate than other plants. However, they are a gorgeous red color that does best in June and July. Find these plants while hiking in the rocky mountains or plant them yourself and enjoy them in your backyard. 
        3. Butterfly Weed:  The Butterfly Weed, also known as the Orange Milkweed thrives in the late summer months through the fall. You can expect touches of orange, red, pink, and yellow throughout your garden with this plant. They are easy to care for and require little attention, plant them somewhere sunny and enjoy the beauty of the plant. 


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        Pacific Coast 

        1. Goatsbeard: For best results plant Goatsbeard in the shady and moist soil. To see the best results, be sure to watch out for weeds and other invasive plants that linger nearby. 
        2. Camassia: Place your Camassia somewhere where it will receive full sunlight and moist soil. The plant reaches 24-40 inches tall and can make a beautiful addition to your garden area. 
        3. Lewisia: Lewisia is grown best in flower pots that allow them proper drainage. The plant prefers a cooler spring temperature and summer that allows for lots of moisture and a dry climate. The plants are a beautiful pink and will light up your garden.


        Find your #ajnamoment this spring with our gardening tips and tricks! We hope you feel inspired and ready to take on your spring garden. Let us know if you have any questions by leaving us a comment!

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