Design Guide: Bringing Color Into Your Patio Space


Color in outdoor living spaces.

 (Photo by Elle Decor)


Color is an essential element to any outdoor space. Spending time in the outdoors is all about enjoying blue skies, nice weather, good company, and getting the most out of our outdoor furniture - we think your outdoor living space should reflect this!

Adding color to a design scheme can be an intimidating and daunting task. We have created this guide to simplify the design process for you - so you can get back to lounging in the spaces you love!


 1. Start with a neutral base. Adding color to your exterior space, or any living space, should be viewed as a process of building or adding layers. You begin with your furniture. Be sure to pick a style or colorway that will look good through all four seasons or if you move often, will complement any environment. After you have selected your furniture, layer or add the accessories. This is where the color enters the scene. Opt for colorful throw pillows, throw blankets, coffee table trays or trinkets, and bright candle holders. Or take a larger step and go for a vibrant side table, statue, magazine holder, or lamp. These pieces are like artwork, adding personality and unique touches to your living area. 


 (Photo by House Beautiful)


2. Create a color palette. When adding color, be cautious to not go overboard. Freshen up your design senses by checking out a color wheel, here is a link to HGTV's color wheel tips and tricks. Creating a color palette is easy once you have the basics down, if you already have in mind which colors you prefer, then even better! If you are unsure of which direction you want to go, decide how you want this space to feel. Will it be an entertaining or eating space? Then consider reds and oranges, something more exciting. Or will this area be used as a reading nook or for taking sunny afternoon naps? If so then look at cooler colors like blues and greens. Keep in mind the furniture pieces you have selected and what will look best against those colors as well.


(Photo by House Beautiful)


3. They key is layering. Now you have picked the products and colors you like, but how do they fit together? This is where learning to layer your pieces comes in handy. Instead of over-saturating one sofa or two chairs, spread your throw pillows out. Place 2 of a kind on one sofa and place another on an accent chair, balancing out the style amongst the entire living area. If you have 3 items on your coffee table top, place other trinkets and accessories on side tables. Overcrowding your space with colorful accessories could end up creating a jumbled and busy area instead of one that is intended to be inviting, useable, and colorful. 


 (Photo by Elle Decor


4. Use landscaping. If you already have furniture and accessories that you love, considering bringing color in by adding landscaping and potted plants that bloom in bright colors that would complement your space. Choose plants carefully so you have a constant plant and flower in bloom year round, then you will have no shortage of color!


 (Photo by Elle Decor)


And there you have it! Our quick design guide to adding color to your outdoor living space. Whether you are just beginning your project or knee-deep into a full refresh on your space, we hope this brings inspiration and allows you to get the most out of your outdoor living space. Share the finished product with us on social media by tagging #AjnaMoment!

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