Early Spring Garden Prepping and Planning


We are getting eager to get outside and start gardening again! Whether you live in a state where winter is longer or a state where spring is just around the corner, there are many things you can do to start preparing for the warmer weather.




Pull Out Your Planters

Get your planters out of storage and get them ready to be used. This requires only a little bit of time and can be very helpful as you begin spring planning. Start cleaning them and prepping for new plants. 

Adding fun planters to your patio will give you the boost of color you have been craving. If you need new planters, check out our pots and planters page. 





Best Seeds for Spring

When it comes down to finding the best plants for spring, it is hard to know which ones are best for the cooler weather. We have come up with a list of our spring favorites, they thrive in the cooler temperatures and will be a great addition to your spring garden. 


Sweet Pea Flowers

While sweet pea flowers typically only last a year, they are a great addition to your garden. The plant prefers cooler temperatures to bloom to their full potential. They are a beautiful addition to your garden set up. 


Sugar Snap Peas

Sugar Snap Peas are super delicious and also do very well in the cooler temperatures. These plants are very heat sensitive and will do much better in the spring months because of the temperature. During the spring months, Sugar Snap Peas are yummy and will be great in your spring garden! 



Having fresh, homegrown lettuce is a perfect healthy addition to your household. Plant your lettuce two weeks before the last frost and let it grow to its full potential. This plant is a household essential and is easy to grow. 




Plan your Garden 

You don't have to be an expert to have a beautiful garden. Take some time to walk around your garden and determine which spots get the most sunlight to decide the best locations for your plants. After understanding your space, you can then start plant shopping and decide which plants you want to incorporate in your space.


We have spring fever and can't wait for warmer weather! Get your patio ready for spring and find your #ajnamoment. 


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