Fun S'mores Recipes for The Whole Family

Winter nights are absolutely ideal for warm desserts and dark nights huddling around a fire pit with friends and family. Since we're making it a goal this year to spend more time outside, reimagining your regular old s'mores recipes seemed like the perfect finishing touch for a night outside with the family. 
Here's our top five favorite s'mores recipes that have a sweet twist to them! Recipes featured from the Shared Appetite blog. 


S'mores recipes

(Photo by Shared Appetite)


1. Reeses Peanut Butter Cup S'mores
Add a peanut butter cup to your typical s'mores combo. Slice it in half or just place a full peanut butter cup on either side of the marshmallow for extra sweetness.


(Photo by Shared Appetite)


  2. Candied Bacon S'mores
Since chocolate paired with bacon has been an incredibly popular dessert combination lately, we couldn't help but to turn it into a S'more! Simply coat bacon with brown sugar and bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 350-375 to get easy homemade candied bacon!


(Photo by Shared Appetite)


3. Chocolate Chip Cookie Nutella S'mores
Because sometimes a graham cracker can get old. Swap out for two chocolate chip cookies and smother a little Nutella on the inside of both cookies before plopping down your delicious marshmallow to complete!


(Photo by Shared Appetite)


4. Cookie Butter S'mores
An alternate for Nutella, Cookie Butter has become increasingly popular recently and makes the perfect addition to a sweet S'mores creation!


(Photo by Shared Appetite)

5. Samoa Cookie S'mores
Inspired by the famous Girl Scout cookies, drizzle a little caramel and sprinkle with toasted coconut to get achieve your Samoa in S'mores form.


Now you are all set for family night! With 5 unbeatable creative S'mores recipes all you're missing is the fire pit to toast your marshmallows on. But we have you covered on that too! Shop our current fire pit selection here.




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  • Marie

    Thank You so much for these recipes. They sound so delicious. Can hardly wait to try the ones I haven’t tried.

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