Globally Inspired Outdoor Spaces

It’s no secret that spending time outdoors is good for the soul. Often, combining the best elements of indoor spaces and with the fresh air and sunshine only found outdoors is the best way to truly relax. We decided to check out how outdoor living varies across the globe, and found some pretty amazing environments. 

Whether you are looking to create a mountainous getaway or beachside paradise, we have some international inspiration for your outdoor space, no matter your style.. 

SPAIN Here, old world style meets modern functionality, inspired by vine-covered patios and organic elements intertwined with weathered marble and brick. Events like the Cordoba Patio Festival reflect the importance of bright colors in an open outdoor space, and surely make it a cozy place to spend time with friends and family. In Spain, outdoor living is king as people enjoy morning coffee or an afternoon espresso on their charming terrazas. 


BANFF Even in the midst of winter, you can’t keep Banff residents inside, especially with a hot toddy in hand after a long day of skiing or hiking in the mountains. We are inspired by this more rustic outdoor lifestyle, no matter what time of the year. Cozy throws and stacks of firewood add to the rustic vibe, and ensure you keep toasty and warm. 


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LONDON Among the narrow cobblestone streets and alleyways, historical buildings mix with flowers and vines to create small sanctuaries in the urban landscape. Most Londonites lead busy work lives and can find balance within these quaint spaces. Seating areas are often kept to a minimum, with the focus kept on the beautiful green of the quiet space. 



HAWAII On the beaches of Hawaii you can find endless paradise. Leafy palm trees and fresh fruit are texture and color inspirations for every outdoor space. A slower-pace lifestyle made up of surfing, fresh smoothie bowls, and sunshine. In Hawaii, outdoor living is the reason most people live there, making it a part of every day life. Design elements often include authentic cane and wood, with designs echoing the traditions of the South Pacific.


NEW YORK CITY New York City is known for its skyline and the seemingly endless amount of rooftop spaces. Overlooking the Hudson you will find sleek lines and minimalist features, amongst a never-ending stream of hustle and bustle. If you live in NYC and are lucky enough to have an outdoor space, then you’ll no doubt find ways to enjoy it with either sleek, low-profile pieces or more lounge worthy sets complete with plush cushions. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed taking a peek at outdoor spaces around the world. Please share with us your thoughts, and any other spaces you’d like to see more of!


 nyc patio with view and Hawaiian cabin with deck



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