How to Maximize Space on Your Apartment Patio

Looking to maximize your outdoor space or just in search of a weekend project? We know that having a garden or a patio isn't in the cards for many people who are apartment dwellers, so we have compiled a list of suggestions for making the most of your patio space. Read along to create your #ajnamoment!

 apartment lighting

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1. Lighten it up

Adding light to your outdoor space will make your patio feel more comfortable and cozy. Having a nice floor or table lamp is a perfect way to allow yourself to be outside in the summer nights. Whether you make it a statement piece to your patio or pick out a small lantern to accent your existing decor, see some suggestions below.


floor lamp hattie table lamp lantern

Kitto Rattan Floor Lamp   Hattie Table Lamp   Melissa Lantern-Medium



outdoor rug

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2. Play with pattern

Add a pop of pattern to your outdoor space with an outdoor rug or throw pillow. These easy to add pieces not only make a space feel more completed but also add more additional levels of comfort, especially to more limited outdoor lounging spaces. 


outdoor rug   throw pillow 

Eagean Rug in Natural Blue  Lolita Throw Pillow   Big Sur Rug in Natural Vine 



outdoor seating

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3. Improvise for seating

Even though apartment patios can be small, adding a compact and comfortable seat will make you take more advantage of your space. There are many ways to maximize your outdoor seating arrangements even in an apartment. This can include an outdoor swing or a couple of chairs. Make the best use of your space and add a comfortable seat that will encourage you to spend more time outside.



Cave Swing Sofa         Dalton Club Chair    Breeze Lounge Chair




4. Don't forget greenery 

Adding a touch of greenery will bring a new feeling to your patio. Adding greenery gives your patio a new look, even if you don't have that much space. This also allows you to increase privacy to your space.


plant potters  vase

Geo Planter - Set of 3  Ridgecrest Vase-Set of 3   Santino Vase-Set of 3 




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5. Small tables for small spaces 

Adding a compact table is a great way to maximize the usage of your outdoor patio. Enjoy your morning coffee on your folding table and take in the view. This will allow you to have to option to bring it outside when it is needed most. Dinner for two tonight on the balcony?

teak folding chair   teak bar table



Enjoy the space that you have by adding a personal touch to it. With these ideas to work around the space limitations, make it the patio you have been dreaming of and find your #ajna moment. 

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