How to Take This Valentine's Day Outdoors

Think outside the box this year! Surprise your loved one with a Valentine's Day outside. Here at Ajna Living, we are all about helping you find your #Ajnamoment and inspiring you to get the maximum use out of your outdoor space. Here are some of our favorite ways we are planning to spend this upcoming Friday, outside!

Watch the Sunset 

End the work week on a peaceful moment, cuddle up with your partner in crime and enjoy the beautiful sunset. Make sure to bring some delicious snacks or pick up a bottle of wine from the store on the way to your destination. Get comfortable on your back porch, your local pier or your favorite scenic overlook. 

Go Stargazing 

Instead of finding a reservation for a restaurant, take your date outside and enjoy the stars, bake some cookies earlier that night and bring them along with you. The winter months with colder air temperatures always produce gorgeous night skies! So grab a jacket, blanket, and visit your town's popular stargazing spots.

Take a Hike

Take your Valentine's Day to the woods this year. Grab your date and hit the trail! Make sure to bring a blanket, thermos of warm drinks and layers to keep you warm. Enjoy a memorable conversation with good company in the great outdoors this Valentine's Day, it is sure to be an unforgettable hike.

Ice Skating 

For those who live in chilly states, ice skating is a fun and romantic way to spend this Valentine's Day. Bundle up and enjoy the outdoors at an outdoor rink. Grab a hot chocolate and pastry from a local cafe to warm you up afterwards! 


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