It's Family Game Night!

The Holiday season is behind us and the family is looking forward to some downtime. Stumped on coming up with a way to get some relaxing in that also doubles as family time? What better way than to have a family game night. Here are our top 8 picks for a lowkey evening that will keep all members of the family smiling, Set up on the dining table or if the weather permits take it outside to enjoy in the comforts of your cozy patio space or on the lawn with the fire pit going. But don't forget the snacks! 


1. Giant Jenga 

Jenga is one of those classics that doesn't get old, but supersize the Jenga blocks and how could you say no? Add giant Jenga to your backyard, available for purchase here.

2. Giant Connect Four

The kids will love this one. Another classic but more fun when made giant. Also available for purchase through Amazon here.

3. Rubber Horseshoes

Horseshoes without the commitment of putting holes in the yard. Available on Amazon here.

4. Molkky

A European favorite! A less popular option, but good for when changing things up! Purchase through Amazon here.

5. Portable Cornhole

Cornhole without the heavy wooden boards, convenient for taking on a trip as well!  Purchase here.

6. Spikeball

A childhood classic but fun for the whole family. If you are looking for a more action-packed option go for Spikeball, available on Amazon here.

7. Giant Chess

A two-person game but turn it into a family tournament. Purchase through Amazon here.

8. Croquet

Have lots of yard space? Croquet would be the perfect option, have a family tournament and spend the evening relaxing on the patio watching the kids. Available here.



So there you have it, eight ideas for a stress-free family game night. Now prep the s'mores and hot cocoa and get to it! Have any ideas you would like to share with us? Leave a comment!


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