Monthly Inspiration For May


May weather has always been a beautiful transition time from Spring to Summer. While people are beginning to plan and prepare for beach and lake weekends, we have the monthly inspiration to get your packing and decorating started.


(Photo by Emma Courtney)


Storage for Beach Towels & Pool Toys: While the kids may enjoy the pool and the toys a little too much, having the right storage containers is an important aspect when it comes to cleaning up your patio. Incorporating easy and eye-pleasing storage containers is a great way to clean up your patio and store all the fun toys!


(Photo by Beautiful House)


Rocking Chairs and Chaise Lounges: This May we are trying to bring a more relaxing and rejuvenating space to your home. Bring in some beautiful rocking chairs and chaise lounges to bring you to the comfort you are desiring. Create your space somewhere, where you will enjoy laying out and getting a tan.


(Photo by Uniqwa Furniture)


Poolside Seating Layouts: When it comes to sitting by the pool, freshen up your space and try a new layout. We love this style and layout of the furniture next to the pool in the photo above. Sit back, relax, and catch some rays this summer!



All-Weather Wicker Furniture: Don't worry about the rain, wicker furniture is a durable and beautiful material to add to your outdoor space if you are concerned about weathering. Wicker furniture adds a modern element that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space and keep it in perfect condition. 


(Photo by Kellynan)


Lots of Throws: Adding stylish throw pillows to your space will maximize comfort and personalization to your space. Throw pillows make the perfect accent pieces for your outdoor furniture. Bring a pop of color to your space by adding some great throws!


(Photo by Leslee Mitchell)


Make your transition easy from spring to summer by redesigning and adding new elements to your outdoor space. Take in the sunshine and be sure to tag us in your #Ajnamoment. 

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