Design Guide: Mixed Materials

 Mixing materials? Challenge accepted. Intimidating at first, but rewarding in the end - mixed materials in interior, and exterior design, can lead to incredibly unique and ultra-stylish spaces. A not-so-easy-to-master technique that we have broke down to guide you through the basics of this design principle, with our latest arrivals.

 While it can be easy to resort to a streamlined and perfectly symmetrical space where everything matches and there is no questioning that this furniture is meant to be a set, we urge you to step out of your comfort zone, even if it's just a little bit, and experiment with introducing different elements and materials into your outdoor living space. 

Start with the furniture you already own. Are these pieces you plan on keeping for a couple of years? Or are you open to the idea of finding something new? If you are set on keeping the pieces you already own, consider changing up accessories or smaller pieces of furniture like end tables. If you are looking to buy, try to find 3-4 pieces of the same base and then add an accent chair, coffee table, and ottoman of varying styles and materials.

Next, accessorize. Play with different textures as well as different finishes. A black iron lantern paired with a gray concrete table, and then add soft woven textures can create an interesting and well-layered focal point to your seating area. Don't be afraid to add color either, if you haven't already read our 'Bringing Color Into Your Patio Space' journal, check it out really quick. 

Lastly, arrange accordingly. When mixing materials, pay attention to what pieces are placed where. Don't set multiple concrete pieces on top of or next to each other, look for ways to connect the dots in your design scheme without over-layering one specific area with too much of one single material. 

Browse the photos below to see examples of successfully mixed materials in an outdoor space, and shop the story to see if any of these pieces speak to you. Don't forget to share your completed spaces with us on social media by using the hashtag #AjnaMoment






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