Outdoor Inspiration We Are Loving For March



The Ajna team is ready to help you design your dream outdoor patio space. We have been feeling inspired by the spring sunshine and can't wait to share our ideas with you. We have put together some of our most favorite items for this March! 



Al Fresco 5-Piece Dining Set

 This is the perfect piece for gathering your family around the dinner table. It combines modern steel and timeless teak for the look you have been going for. This dining set is perfect for all of your entertaining needs and will turn your patio into something you have been dreaming of. 



5-Piece Chloe Dining Set 

Lighten up your patio with this leafy green dining set. This set incorporates a nature-inspired look that will pop on any patio. Enjoy brunch, lunch, or cocktails with your friends.

chloe green dining set



Miura 2-Piece Pot Set with Saucer 

Add some life to your patio by planting some greenery. This nested pot set is a perfect accessory for your outdoor space or in your sunroom.

pot set



Finn Stripped Footstool

The Finn Stripped Stool is perfect for the family. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Add an extra lounging space on your patio that is super comfortable and durable. The cover is easily washable, so it is perfect for families with kids. 

stripped stool


Dodger 6' Bench 

The Dodger bench can fit in a large variety of spaces throughout your yard. Find it tucked in your garden, on your porch, or outside on the patio. This teak design will never go out of style, ultra weather-resistant, and is a great addition to any home.

dodger bench


Helena Wicker Dining Chair 

This classic teak and wicker chair complements a variety of outdoor tabes. The simplistic design is timeless, durable, and comfortable. This chair will be great for bringing your friends together for a fun night filled with memorable conversation. 

wicker dining chair



Cut Bar Table 

If your looking for a more modern and elegant look, the Cut Bar Table will compliment your home well. This design is sleek and is made from laser-cut aluminum. This is a perfect table for your smaller dinner parties or casual afternoon drinks and apps. 




Teak Planter

This planter is an intriguing design with a unique mix of materials. It is perfect for adding the touch of greenery you have been dreaming of. Plant your favorite, flowers, herbs, and trees to make your patio something to be proud of!


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