Perfect Patio Plants: The Fiddle Leaf Fig

In light of spring just around the corner, we are thinking all about plants! The Fiddle Leaf Fig is a favorite plant among many for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Add a touch of green to your scenery as we near spring and bring a Fiddle Leaf Fig into your space.


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Why you should get a Fiddle Leaf Fig

Looking to brighten up your home? These plants have a reputation for being exceptionally beautiful with proper caution and care. The giant leaves are perfect addition to your indoor or outdoor space. 


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How to care for your Fiddle Leaf Fig

  1. Store in sunlight. The Fiddle leaf Fig like to eat up the sun! Once you found the perfect spot for your plant, don't move it, it will send the plant into shock.
  2. Clean up the leaves. If you notice dust beginning to acquire on the leaves, simply take a paper towel or a cloth and wipe up the dust. Having dust on the leaves will stunt the growth of your plant!
  3. If the plant is indoors, do not place it by a drafty window or door. The sudden change in temperature is not good for the plant. 
  4. The Fiddle Leaf Fig loves a little bit of humidity.
  5. Rotate the plant every so often so it doesn't grow towards the light. 
  6. Cut off the brown leaves to let it grow to its greenest potential! 
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