Pets & Patios - How to Dog Proof Your Outdoor Space

Everyone who owns a dog knows that there is a certain amount of vigilance that goes into ownership. From inside your home, to your patio there are simple tricks you can use to better dog-proof your home. Give your patio a dog-proof makeover and add a few new elements into your outdoor space so both you and your dog are more comfortable. 


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Organizing is crucial, keeping your patio clean and tidy is an important part to make it more dog-proof. Put away loose items in storage containers and shelves to keep it away from your dog. Creating a container that is specifically for recycling and trash is a great way to make sure your dog doesn't get into the trash when they are enjoying the patio. And we have some options just for you, shop them here



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Raise Your Plants

Much like food in the kitchen is tempting for your dog, plants can be just as intriguing. Raising your plants slightly off the ground is a simple and easy way to avoid an encounter with your pup. Try planting them in a pot or simply setting your plants on elevated surfaces. Here are some of our favorite pots and plants to get you started, shop here.



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Watch the Firepit and BBQ

Many of us like to have an outdoor barbecue and/or fire pit. To further your dog's safety you can add a windscreen to your outdoor fire pit. Windscreens are easy to clean and add just a touch more of safety and assurance to your fire pit. Make sure to keep a close eye on your pet when having a barbecue or a fire. Check out our fire pit accessories if you're in need of one! Shop them here.




Give Your Dog Their Own Space

Getting your furry friend their own space for the patio is a great way to incorporate them into your outdoor space. Put a comfy dog bed and a water bowl near their area. Providing your dog their own space makes them still feel adored while still allowing everyone else to enjoy the patio too.





Just a few tips and tricks that you can use to help dog-proof your patio. Let your dog in on the family time outside and find your #ajnamoment! Don't forget to let us know in the comments section how you manage your dog in your patio space.


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