Spring Planting Ideas You’ll Want to Use Now

Spring is almost here, and I’m pretty sure we’re all dreaming of warmer weather and longer days. That also means that you’ll likely be spending more time outdoors and looking to beauty your outdoor space. We’ve gathered a few ideas here that we hope will serve as inspiration or at least something fun to think about. Enjoy!

1. Plant strong perennials. You’ll thank yourself later when these flowers bloom year after year: Russian Sage (pictured), Coreopsis, Hellebore, Baptisia, Coneflower, Asiatic Lily, Aremisia, and our personal favorite, Peony.

Image source: gardenia.net

2. Buy a potted fruit tree. You don’t have to wait years to have fresh fruit in your backyard or patio. A quick trip to your local nursery will get you a beautiful tree that may already have fruit on it. If you go with a lemon tree, consider it an instant trip to the Italian Riviera ; )

Image source: beesandroses.com

3. Clean up debris and pull weeds. Pulling weeds may not sound like a good time, but I actually find it somewhat meditative and satisfying. Clipping away rogue vines and pulling out pesky weeds that get in the way of more beautiful growth is sort of like Marie Kondo for the garden, right?!

4. Start a compost pile. This can be done as you pull out weeds, and it doesn’t have to be ugly. Take a wooden apple crate and put it somewhere near your garden. As you use it to dispose of weeds and food scraps, you’ll start to see the matter start to decompose, and eventually turn into nutrient rich soil to use for your garden. Genius!

Image source: greenerideal.com

5. Plant Herbs Indoors. Spring planting doesn’t have to be all outdoors; hone your gardening skills by planting some easy and useful indoor herbs like thyme, basil, and mint. Keep them handy in the kitchen so you’ll always remember to use them when you’re cooking.

Image source: ninahendrick.com

With all of these fun planting ideas, there's not much that'll keep us away from the garden store at this point. Enjoy and happy planting!



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