Swinging Into Fall

With the back to school rush behind us, and new schedules to adapt to, it can be easy to let the fall season rush in and take us by surprise. While this may be a welcome change, it’s also good idea to take a step back and make the sure the new schedules and routines are working well for you and your family. And, why not take the opportunity to create some family routines?

We sat down with Becky of @beckyodonnell6 and she shared some of the routines that work for her family, and why they’re important.

A: What changes occur for your family when September comes and back to school season hits?

B: Life gets more chaotic with all of the activities the kids are involved in. But it also forces us to get more organized because of the busy schedule.

A: Is there a transitional time or do you make the change once school starts?

B: We don’t really have a steady transition, rather we throw ourselves to the wolves, haha. The end of summer brings lots of last minute fun to soak in as much before school starts.

A: How important are routines for you and your family?

B: Very important, especially bedtime. We keep that routine year round, except when we are on vacations/trips. The kids (and us) thrive on routine, so we try to have dinner around the same time, have our normal morning and nighttime routines, etc to keep things consistent.

A: Do you have any insight or ideas to share about creating routines?

B: If you have kids and they seem to have a poor sleeping routine, start by moving bedtime up by 15 minutes every few days until you reach a more reasonable time to provide a good, healthy routine bedtime. Also going through the same steps each night allows for predictability for a child and parent to create a smoother transition and routine, whether it be reading books, a bath, etc. I also suggest having clocks and alarms for kids who can read/tell time, this helps with consistent wake ups and bedtimes. Kids also thrive on visible cues, so having a chart with activities and depending on age/reading ability you can use pictures or words to help with expectations.

A: Thank you so much Becky! 

If you're not already, be sure to follow Becky on Instagram: @beckyodonnell6. She shares her adventures in family, food, health, and travel! 

Photos by Caitlin Forster Photography

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