Spring Style Guide 2020
The greatest and the latest for spring patio design and decor. Inspired by three popular travel destinations for 2020.
Patio Cleaning Secrets
Booting up for spring with some of our tips and tricks on how to get your patio back under control!
Destination Guide: Bozeman, Montana
Take a winter vacation to Bozeman, Montana, and find your #AjnaMoment! 
Why Choose Sunbrella?
Learn more about why we chose to use Sunbrella for our Ajna Living products.
A Patio for All Seasons
Don't let the falling temperatures drive you inside! We've put together some tips on how to make your outdoor oasis enjoyable year-round. 
Swinging Into Fall
With the back to school rush behind us and new schedules to adapt to, it can be easy to let the fall season rush in and take us by surprise. 
Summer Bucket List Ideas
Do you have a summer bucket list? Now's your chance to make one! 
5 Reasons Why Going Outside is Good for You
At the end of a long day, consider spending fifteen minutes just sitting outside on your patio or deck enjoying nature. 
Worried About Buying Furniture Online?
How I learned to overcome my fears and start buying furniture online.
10 Ideas for a Cozy Winter Evening
We’ve compiled a list of fun and cozy ideas from some great sources so that you can create more warmth this winter.
Let's have an #AjnaMoment
I don’t get enough “Ajna Moments” lately. With the whirlwind of opening a new store in Tiburon, adding new product lines to our business, and raising our 9 month old daughter, I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to slow down and be present.
Welcome Spring!
Hello and welcome to this new corner of our website, our blog! We wanted a space where we can let you know what's going on with us and share our outdoor living stories, ideas, and inspiration. This will help us deliver on our promise to help you live better, outdoors.