The Coastal Collection


Where teak effortlessly blends into the environment and linens are comforting year round, life on the coast is tranquil and fulfilling. 

The textures and scenery you find are comforting and full of nostalgia. Warm wickers, weathered teak, soft fabric coverings and neutral tones. Palm trees sway and the palm fronds rustle as salty waves lap against the shore. The lulling sound of seagulls calling in the distance fades in and out as the breeze blows. 



The sun warms the wooden planks, comforting on your feet. The old teak lounge chairs bask under the blue sky, the now naturally antiqued frames hosting plush throw pillows of nautical colorways. This collection filled with coastal furniture and decor treasures are mainstays for the back patios and outdoor living spaces of beach lovers. 

 Take a journey to the coast now and shop the collection here.


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