Things We Are Currently Loving: Outdoor Lamps

Adding elements of lighting to your outdoor space can be a great way to enhance your homes curb appeal. Create a more welcoming environment for both you and your guests by generating light on your patio space. Read along and learn how we are brightening up our home and how you can find an outdoor lighting fixture that you'll love!




Floor Lamp

Having a floor lamp on your patio is a fantastic way to bring your friends and family outside to enjoy the patio. This allows you to stay outside even longer and also adds a visual appeal to your home. Increase your time spent in the outdoors and take advantage of your patio with an outdoor floor lamp in your backyard. 



outdoor lights



Table Lamp

Having a table lamp outside allows you to feel more at home on your patio. It is the perfect accessory for a late-night conversation or for when you want to read a book outside. Having a table lamp generates a warm look while adding style and dimension to your space.



drum light



Drum Lamps

A drum light can be the perfect way to highlight architectural design or outdoor patio features. The lamps can be easily maneuvered throughout your space, and give off just enough light without being too bright. A drum light can give off an emotional appeal and highlight the outdoor features you are most proud of. 


Some of our favorite products for outdoor lighting can be found below. Most of these products add visual elements to your home that make it more enjoyable and relaxing. 



kitto rattan lamp
table lamp
drum light

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