2020 Outdoor Trends to Look Forward to

'The trend is your friend' as they say, and this year our outdoor trends are all about living better, outdoors, or as we call it finding that "Ajna Moment". Read along for the 6 trends we are hopping on board with for 2020.


(Photo by nastia) 


1. Wicker, Cane, and all the mixed materials. Throw matching out the window, this year we are mixing our teak with our wicker and our wovens with aluminum. While for years designers have decorated with all matching furniture, in this new decade we are exploring a seamless aesthetic utilizing mixed materials. Shop our brands Cane-line and CO9 to best achieve this look. 



(Photo by SofieZborilova)


2. Really using that outdoor space, and we mean for everything. Breakfast, weekend lunches, and brunches, happy hours, dinner parties, fire pit nights, family game nights and downtime after an exhausting workday. You name it! So move that yoga mat outside and catch that last hour of golden light! 



(Photo by Mike Bird)


3. Creating an 'escape' right in your own backyard. A luscious green backyard space can totally evolve the look and feel of a house. Try adding extra landscaping this year to buffer yourself from bordering neighbors yards or busy roads nearby. Try English ivy or a bountiful Hydrangea bush. Add tropical flowers or evergreen trees, depending on the look you are going for, you can evolve your backyard into your favorite Italian vacation. 



4. Interior rooms moved outdoors. You no longer have to stop the decorating when you reach the back patio doors. Continue the flow through the doors and into the backyard, add textiles, potted plants, accessories and of course a weather-resistant rug. The outdoor space is only a continuation of your home so why should you only let the interior rooms get all the love? And we have everything you need to make it happen, shop outdoor living here.



5. Accessorizing like never before. Cozy layering, rugs, lamps and all the extras. Add throw blankets. throw pillows, ambient lighting, candles, and a rug to your outdoor living space to create a cozy room that lives outside all the time. See what accessories we are loving here.



6. Functional fire pits. For formal dining, casual cocktails or just a place to have your morning coffee. Also a great companion for the sports game you have on the tv. Taking the lounging outside is easy when you have a functional fire pit table ready for your use. Shop some of our favorite fire pits here.


Well, there you have it, our top outdoor trends for 2020! All with a focus on spending more time outside, no matter what your personal goals are for the year hopefully incorporating the outdoors in some way is on your list. Because at the end of the day, we are all just looking for that #AjnaMoment. 

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