Tropical Plants for your Porch


Summer is right around the corner. Many of us have already started to think about what kind of plants we are wanting to incorporate into our outdoor space. Tropical plants add an aesthetic that is unbeatable and will be sure to brighten up your patio. Below, you can find some of the best patio plants to plant on your patio this summer.




Not only are these plants beautiful, they provide many health benefits. Hibiscus plants are used to treat conditions such as, bacterial infections, high blood pressure, and an upset stomach. These flowers grow up to 6 inches wide and come in a variety of colors. Some of the colors include, pink, orange, peach, and yellow. Hibiscus flowers will brighten up your outdoor space and allow you to experiment with the potential health benefits of these plants.



Angel Wing Begonia

Angel Wing Begonia are considered one of the easiest tropical plants to keep alive and healthy. The plants branch out with their big leafy green limbs and make a tropical addition to your backyard. This plant will grow very fast and typically thrives in the cooler and shadier areas of your home. It is important to throughly understand the proper watering techniques when having these plants due to the possibility of overwatering them. 




This plant is a crowd favorite when it comes to tropical plants. The Canna is composed of large dramatic leaves with brightly colored flowers. They can grow anywhere between 2-7 feet. The Canna requires full sun and little moisture in the soil. The plants do best if they are planted in early spring. This way, they will have the best results during the summer months. 




Jasmine will be sure to make your patio smell amazing. The star snapped petals will add a touch of perfume-like smell to the air. You can grow Jasmine in areas that are in the sun or the shade. It makes it easy to find a perfect place in the garden area. This plant does its best if it is planted in the spring and can have the summer to grow. It is a beautiful addition to your outdoor space, while keeping maintenance low. 



Lady Palm

Lady Palms are some of the easiest palms to grow. They are beautiful and elegant for your backyard space. These palms thrive in shadier areas with moist soil. Try putting it in a pot on your porch, somewhere where the shade can get to it. This plant will be with you for a long time, when you first start growing it, it will not grow much in height for the first couple of years however, after the first two years you will see this plant start to grow towards its full potential.



Lemon Tree

Incorporate some fresh citrus into your backyard. Having this beautiful trees makes it easy when you need a fresh citrus to bring to your dinner table. Lemon trees love a little bit of humidity and lots of sunshine. This is the perfect tree to bring to your backyard for a zesty twist that can make your cooking and cocktails a little bit fresher and better.


Planting Inspiration

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