Weekend Project: Curating The Perfect Sunroom

Transform your home and create the perfect sunroom. A sunroom is a glassed-in living space that is attached to the house and is accessed from indoors. This is the perfect way to allow you to capture the natural light from outside while sitting inside. You can customize your sunroom by adding pieces that will make it feel more unique to you. Ajna Living has created a list of products that would be a great addition to your sunny space.

(Photo by interiordesignshome)

 Azalea Chevron Stripe Rug

This fun patterned rug is a great touch to your sunroom. The beautiful chevron pattern is hand woven and will be a great touch of color to your sunroom. This rug pairs well with most furniture pieces and will light up your room. 

Kitto Rattan Floor Lamp

Add a classic, modern look to your sunroom. The natural material of the rattan will bring the outdoor elements to your indoor space. This is the perfect piece for creating a more natural look in your sunroom. This is the perfect accessory for adding some light in your sunroom for when you want to be there in the evenings.

Lakewood Reclaimed Teak Console Table

 Everyone is always looking for ways to maximize storage while adding a touch of style to their space. This console table is perfect for storing lounge items and other dining necessities. It is perfect for storing your patio plants in the winter months.  The color matches everything and is a great piece if you're looking for something that matches with everything. 

Copenhagen Rocking Chair 

This chair is a new take on a classic, simplistic design. The Copenhagen Chair is great for both indoor and outdoor spaces and will tie together your room. The chair is easy to move so you can bring it in your sunroom or bring it outside to your patio. 


(Photo by Homixover)

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