Why Choose Sunbrella?


If you’ve spent time on our website, you may already know that Ajna Living exclusively uses Sunbrella fabrics for our products. What you may not know is why we choose to do so. We’ve shared our reasons below, and we’re confident that once you’ve read them, Sunbrella will be your choice too!

  • Proven performance: Founded in 1961 and widely hailed as the best producer of outdoor fabrics, Sunbrella has been manufacturing their products for more than 50 years. They offer responsive support and a best-in-industry warranty to protect customer investment and ensure that their merchandise stands the test of time.

(Photo: Sunbrella)

  • Fade-resistant: Sunbrella acrylic fabrics are solution-dyed, which means the color goes all the way through each strand instead of just being printed on the surface. Your furniture will stay bright and colorful even after exposure to UV rays, chemical cleaners, and wet weather. And it’s not just the fabric that’s protected from the sun: Sunbrella is certified by the Skin Cancer Foundation for helping to protect your skin, too! It’s the perfect choice for a shade sail or umbrella to complement your patio look.
  • Water, mildew, and mold resistant: The acrylic weave of Sunbrella fabrics doesn’t absorb water the way non-synthetics will, which makes them ideal for outdoor conditions. (For best results, though, you should still clean them before you store them.)

  • Stain-resistant and easy to clean: Because the material isn’t porous, liquids just “bead” on the surface, making spills a snap to wipe up.
  • Reduced ecological impact: Sunbrella has made a strong commitment to sustainability, keeping the factory process as low-impact as possible and minimizing wasted energy and water. They’ve even implemented a recycling program for their used fabrics. And with the durability of their products (an estimated 10 years of heavy outdoor use!), there’s no reason to throw them away every few seasons.

(Photo: Sunbrella)

  • Versatility: Sunbrella has materials for everything from patio furniture to marine use. In fact, more and more designers are using outdoor fabrics for interior decorating because of their durability and great looks!
  • Colors and designs: With literally hundreds of colors and patterns available, you’re sure to find a look that’s perfect for your style and your project.

We love Sunbrella, and we’re sure you will too! Comment below with your own thoughts and experiences with Sunbrella!

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