Why You Should Be Considering A Mountain Weekend Retreat

The Holidays have passed and heavy winter has settled in. While these months can look different for everybody, the same lull of hibernating on the couch each weekend can definitely get the best of everyone. We know your favorite spot on the couch is calling to you right now, but we have a better idea...


(Photo by Pexels)


Imagine a cold morning, where the sun rises and the snow lights up like hundreds of thousands of little diamonds. You have a steamy cup of coffee in hand while a songbird in the distance serenades the sunlight pouring through the alpine forest. A chipmunk scatters through the branches causing a 'snowing' effect under a pine tree. A hearty stack of firewood is ready at hand to provide you with another source of comfort and warmth. A pair of snowshoes and skis are resting in the corner of the cabin, awaiting someone to take them out on this bluebird winter day.



(Photo by Free-Photos)


Have you ever seen the stars in a cold clear winter's night sky? Or listened for a lone Elk bugling at the break of dawn? Try your hand at ice fishing or simply enjoy the pure brilliance of a sunny winter day while the kids play in the snow. This is sounding like an #AjnaMoment to me.


(Photo by Gabriela Palai)


While the winter weather may deter most people, this is one of the most rewarding times of year to experience the most unique moments that Mother Nature has to offer. So grab your friends and family and head to the mountains, but don't forget to pack the skis and the s'mores! 


(Photo by Gabriela Palai)


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